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Grade (UK)

  • A grade is an area in a hierarchical graded pay structure in which jobs of similar size or value are placed, usually by some form of analytical or non-analytical job evaluation. Grades may be defined in job evaluation points terms or by a description of the level of responsibility or competence typical of any roles or jobs placed in the grade. Pay ranges are attached to grades which may be determined by reference to views on internal relativities and differentials and to information on external relativities (market rates) (New JNCHES, November 2013).
  • Support staff are on grades 1 to 5.
    Academic-related grades are on grades 6 & above.
  • Progression Between Grades
    • Each grade is made up of between five and seven points (not including the discretionary points) and the employee starts on one of these points when he/she joins the University, is promoted or moves to a new role at a different grade.
    • Progression of staff to a higher grade will be on an equitable and transparent basis, the details of which will be developed in partnership between HE institutions and their recognised trades unions – acknowledging in particular established arrangements for progression of present Lecturer A (pre-92 universities) and Lecturer (post-92 HEIs) grades, and taking account of equal pay considerations. JNCHES will issue guidance on key aspects.
  • Progression Within Grades
    • All staff covered by the "Framework agreement for the modernisation of pay structures (2003) will have pay progression opportunities within the pay range for their grade.
    • Arrangements for such progression should be: designed to offer equal opportunities for all staff in each particular grade, and to reward the acquisition of experience and contribution; and operated with demonstrable fairness, transparency and objectivity.
    • Progression within each pay range will depend in part on an individual’s length of service in the grade and in part on an assessment of their contribution; although staff will have a normal expectation of annual progression up to the contribution threshold for their grade, subject exceptionally to established procedures for dealing with performance
    • HE institutions will determine detailed arrangements for progression, in partnership with their recognised trades unions and in accordance; and will communicate these clearly to staff.
    • JNCHES will develop good practice guidance in this area.
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Academic Pathways Across Countries
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